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A bespoke multimedia outfit based out of Abuja, Nigeria. We serve individuals from all walks of life, corporate organizations, businesses, non-profits, religious organizations among others.

As a visionary business, our mission is to provide our customers with unmatched excellence and satisfaction in the delivery of our services which encompasses photography, videography, and everything in-between!

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Paruto Media made me feel at home on my special day. I was not stressed and I had such a great time in their studio space.When I saw the Images I was wowed! They captured the moments I longed for.


What Photography services do you offer?

We offer a variety of Photography Services with an emphasis placed on simplicity and authenticity. Our aim is to candidly capture significant moments of your life and the lives of your loved ones in an artistic, unobtrusive and informal manner. Sessions can be booked for a variety of occasions; lifestyle portraits, engagements, family reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, etc. Please email Michel at the following address for a quote or additional information:

How do you photograph weddings?

This is your very special day. We want you to live it and enjoy it to its fullest. The last thing you would want is a photographer bossing you around or blinding you with flashes. Of course, there will be some required formal group shots. We will capture these simply, quickly and without fuss, but for the most part, we will attempt to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

Ahead of your special day, we will usually organize an informal engagement session. We welcome and encourage your creativity and playfulness. Sessions can be organized in a park or urban setting. If there is a place that is dear to your heart, that speaks to who you are, we can meet you there, have fun and create memorable images that you will cherish forever.

On your wedding day, we will usually start with shots of the bride dressing with the help of the bridesmaids, friends and sisters. If timing and location permit, we can take a few shots of the groom and best man as well. We will then move on to the church, temple, synagogue, town hall or celebration venue ahead of the ceremony, to take a few shots of the location and be prepared to welcome friends, family members, bride and groom as they arrive.

Our work is done almost exclusively with near silent cameras and bright lenses, allowing photographs to be captured mostly in natural light, very discreetly and with minimal disturbance to the wedding ceremony.

As the day unfolds, we will work with you in a friendly and unobtrusive manner, blending into the background, capturing memorable, spontaneous images filled with natural light, feelings and emotions.

Details, portraits, candid shots, flower girls, funny faces, tears, hugs, laughs, rings, kisses … we will build the story of your day one unique image at the time, for all to remember.

How many images should we expect?

For each event, the number of images will vary greatly depending on the duration of the photo session, the number of guests, the light conditions, etc. For a typical event, you should expect between 70 and 150 retouched and color corrected images.

After a wedding or event, when should we expect to get access to our images?

We will always attempt to post a few “teaser shots” on your personal gallery the very next day after the event. You can start sharing these images with your guests while the joy of the party is sill in the air. We will then spend a few days selecting, retouching, color correcting and enhancing all images. A week or two later, we will have all images loaded onto your personal gallery, ready for viewing, sharing and printing.

Do we receive all our digital images in high resolution?

Yes! Some photographers will hold you hostage forever and will never release their high-resolution files. Some will only provide watermarked samples in low resolution. Some will provide files that can't be enlarged beyond 8x10. Some will prohibit you from posting images on your personal blog or Facebook page. We don’t play these games. While, we ask you to print your first set of enlargements with our professional photo lab, you will be provided with professionally retouched digital images in non-watermarked, high-resolution format suitable for future printing, framing, social media sharing, web posting and archival.

What about prints?

Prints are extremely important. Even the best images can look dreadful when improperly printed. In consideration and respect to the quality of our work, you may request we print for you at an additional cost depending on the package. We do these prints and enlargements through our professional photo lab partners.

How long does it take to order prints?

Enlargements typically require 5 - 7 business days for delivery. Photo books and photo albums require 4 - 6 weeks for production, printing and delivery.

When printing a large number of images after a wedding or event, do we get a volume discount?

Absolutely! Depending on the event and the number of prints and/or enlargements, we will provide you with a 10% - 20% discount on all your prints. This discount will apply to all your prints as well as all prints ordered by your friends or family members.

What about posting on Social Media?

Feel free to post images on your Blog, Instagram or Facebook page. Of course it is always appreciated mentioning our name when publishing images on line. It is a nice gesture, but certainly not an obligation.

Together, we can create history through the power of photography and videography.